Friday, November 11, 2016


We are delighted to announce our new release, the 7th book in the High Country Mystery Series, MURDER AND THE GOOD OLD BOYS' CLUB. Our latest book in the series is now available in paperback, Kindle and is also on Kindle Unlimited.

 Review: “Murder and the Good Old Boys’ Club” is a brilliant new addition to their long list of captivating, clean-reading titles: a who-done-it that leaves readers wondering who did it." Author Stephanie Parker McKean

Threatened victim, waiting grave…Sheriff McQuede is called to the cemetery by Ben Ward, a member of Durmont’s Good Old Boys’ Club. Ward’s tombstone, where he plans someday to be buried with his first wife, is vandalized. A menacing date of death, fast approaching, has been drilled into the stone, and splotches of red paint drips over it like blood. Ben Ward and his four partners have sunk vast sums of money into a recreational community, Pleasant Valley Retreat, and this failing project has flamed anger among the investors. As the inscribed date of Ward’s death draws nearer, a killer stalks the resort. McQuede must act quickly before a vandal’s threats turn into reality.

We want to thank our faithful readers, and for those new to the series, each of our books contains a complete mystery and do not necessarily need to be read in order.  All you need to know is Sheriff McQuede has a long-standing girlfriend, Loris, and a best friend, Barry Dawson, who has a knack for getting in trouble.
These stories are more about human nature, about a good man trying to make the right decision in the often difficult situation of being a sheriff who knows everyone in town.  McQuede often must search his soul for not only a legal answer, but the right one.